Bob Welch Biography

       Bob Welch hails from the Finger Lakes region of New York. A graduate of LeMoyne College, he continues to enjoy a career as an international sales executive in the field of electronic interference control.
       As a pre-teen he bought his first knife from the Case display at the neighborhood hardware store. Over the years he acquired other knives from time to time but didn’t start collecting seriously until the 1990’s. During that era he met H.T. Carter, outdoorsman, (then) septuagenarian, knife collector and all-around memorable character. H.T was the proprietor of Village Cutlery in Scottsville, NY and he became sort of a mentor to Bob in his early knife collecting days.
       Although he sold many brands of knives, H.T. was particularly fond of Queen due to the company’s history and most importantly the quality of its products. Bob started to focus his collecting attention on Queen knives, buying some new product as well as early knives, which he found at knife shows and occasionally on websites such as ebay. As a result, today he has a nice collection of Queen knives with an emphasis on the older Queen City and Queen knives produced through the 1960’s.
        As his interest in Queen cutlery developed he was fortunate to learn more about the company and it’s history from knowledgeable sources such as Fred Fisher, David Clark, Fred Samson, Howard Drake and others. Bob was honored when in 2015 he was asked to join the Queen Historical Team and he looks forward to learning more and to sharing his cutlery knowledge with other collectors.
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