Dan Lago Biography

Like most mature collectors, my fascination with knives goes way back – my first cut requiring stitches was at age four. I have always bought knives based on impulse and I have never sold a knife. I retired from Penn State University's faculty in 2009, after 36 years with the several different colleges working on many different applied issues in developing and evaluating community services for older adults. The history and quality of this little Pennsylvania company got my attention and I have tried to acquire and learn more about Queen Cutlery knives. The lack of documentation about Queen knives shocked me. If it had not been for Fred Fisher's friendly support and generous sharing of information, I do not think I could have stayed focused on Queen. In response to one of my frequent calls for help, Fred sent me page 12 of the 1999 Queen catalog. It answered everything and had beautiful images of the knives in question. Perfect! I asked Fred how many catalogs he had. “Lots,” he said, and the catalog project was born. Now after three years working with David and Fred, we have assembled a very nice resource for catalog-oriented collectors that goes back to the earliest known catalogs. I am very pleased to have had a part in this project and a chance to deepen my understanding of this fine company and their knives. I am grateful to have had this opportunity to work closely with Fred, David Clark, and Ryan Daniels. We have become a convivial and productive team and I look froward to the next steps for our collaboration. We all share the same goal of increasing information that will help Queen collectors become better informed and more competent in pursuing their interest.
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